1. What Conditions are Treated with Root Canals?

    The term “root canal” isn’t a term you want to hear from your dentist’s mouth. The whole process is associated with pain, but that’s only because most people aren’t aware of the real need and procedures for root canals. In 2020, there’s no reason to fear a root canal, as you’ll be armed with adaptive pain medication and handled with a gentle, yet effective, touch that will ensure y…Read More

  2. Preparing Your Child for Dental Checkups

    The dentist shouldn’t be something that kids find fearful. In fact, encouraging your child to enjoy the dentist and helping them make it seem like a positive experience can only be good for the future. If your child has positive associations with going to the dentist now, they’ll have positive associations with it throughout their life and will always be good at maintaining good oral health. B…Read More

  3. Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Everyone?

    Sedation is a tricky subject. Not because it’s statistically unsafe or something along those lines, but because it freaks people out. It goes against your most basic instinct: to know what’s happening to you in regard to your health. And just because you know what will happen during the process doesn’t totally help because you’ll still be out for the count when sedation is involved. It bri…Read More

  4. Dental Implant FAQs

    Dental implants may seem like an extreme or even hard to reach way to correct your smile, but they’re actually quite easy to get and they can offer your face and your smile a new lease on life. If you’re interested in getting dental implants, keep on reading to catch all of the frequently asked questions you could possibly want answers for below.  What Are Dental Implants? A dental implant is…Read More

  5. a person showing their teeth

    5 Signs of Cavities

    When it comes to dentistry, oral health, and even general health, cavities present one of the most common problems faced by patients. A study from the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 96% of Americans experience some form of tooth decay or cavities by the time they reach the age of 65. Since they present such a common issue, the team at Me…Read More

  6. a woman smiling

    Scared to Smile? Try Cosmetic Dentistry

    At Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, our team’s first priority is to help our patients maintain a high level of oral health. We work hard to help you avoid gum disease, tooth and bone loss, and other common oral health issues. That said, we are also dedicated to providing care that will result in a smile that you will be proud of, and that you can show off with confidence. Sometimes ensuring…Read More

  7. dentist operating on person in a dental chair

    5 Signs You Should Visit the Dentist

    With the hustle and bustle of everyday life constantly pulling us in different directions, it can be easy to forget to care for your teeth. Perhaps staying up late while working for a promotion keeps you from brushing, or a missed alarm throws a wrench in your morning routine and prevents you from flossing. Life can make it easy to forget to care for yourself, and it can be even easier to forget t…Read More

  8. A dentist explaining dental implants to a patient

    Are Dental Implants Right for You?

    Dental implants have quickly become a common solution used by dentists to help people with missing, damaged, or broken teeth. Implants look and feel like real teeth, which is one of the best parts of using them to improve your smile. This also makes them a viable option for patients who dislike the feeling of wearing dentures. If you are missing a tooth or dislike dentures, then you may be wonderi…Read More

  9. 5 Signs You Have Gum Disease

    Many people find it surprising that up to 80% of Americans have some form of periodontitis, also known as gum disease. At our dentist office in Mesquite, we often have patients come in who have signs of gum disease, and in many cases, they did not realize that they were at risk! Whether you realize it or not, you may have some form of gum disease, and it is crucial to seek treatment as soon as pos…Read More

  10. Treating Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

    Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Does the mere thought of a dentistry appointment increase your heart rate and make your hands start to shake? If so, then you may be suffering from dental anxiety. Thankfully, the Mesquite Dental & Implant Center can offer sedation dentistry as a solution for you. In today’s post, we will discuss dental anxiety and sedation dentistry. Read on to learn how…Read More