Dear Santa,

We here at Mesquite Dental are concluding our series of dental care tips for this holiday season today. Hermey, your misfit toy-making elf, turned aspiring dentist to the North Pole, asked that we put our vast insight with dentures in Mesquite to work to create tips for avoiding dentures, implants, and bridges later in life. However, should you or your toy making staff need any these services, our professional dental staff is here to help you. Today’s tips will focus on preventive measures you can take this holiday season to avoid falling into the trap of poor dental care.

  • Kick that saliva into overdrive. Chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after each meal, increases saliva, which loosens food deposits in your teeth and diminishes the effects of dental plaque acids. Plus, it’ll help you avoid sharing that onion smell with your coworkers. They’ll love you for that and your pearly whites will love you for getting those food particles away from them. Everybody wins.

  • Fluoridated water isn’t water that’s gone through Florida. Fluoridated water promotes healthy teeth and is available as bottled water. Drinking fluoridated water often gets overlooked and forgotten about when it comes to preventive dental measures. It can also serve some of the same purposes mentioned above for chewing sugarless gum, with a little swishing.

  • Snub your nose at the “anti-dentites” on your “naughty” list. Visit your dentist every six months to prevent big problems from developing and catch the little issues while they are extremely manageable.

That does it for our holiday tips for good dental care. We want to thank Hermey for inviting us to write these tips for you and your hard working elves.

Happy Holidays,

Mesquite Dental