Dentists recommend bringing your child in for their first dental appointment about six months after their first tooth erupts. This will give the child enough time to acclimate to the new sensation of having teeth in their mouth, and it will also give more teeth a chance to come out. Because this first appointment usually occurs when the child is around a year old, most kids won’t remember this first experience. As they grow older, going to the dentist can be a bigger deal with a fresh set of challenges.

In this blog entry, we will talk about a few easy ways to make going to the dentist less scary. When you need a dentist in Mesquite for the entire family, contact the Mesquite Dental & Implant Center. From regular dental checkups to full bridge replacements, we do it all.

Make Dental Checkups Normal and Fun

Going to the doctor or the dentist can be scary for kids because they don’t always understand what is going on. To help them get used to the idea, tell them why it is important to visit the dentist. Use positive language to put them at ease. For example, instead of saying “if you don’t go to the dentist, your teeth could rot or break,” say something like “the dentist will make sure that your teeth stay strong and healthy.”

Another good way to alleviate some of their fear or anxiety is to tell them about all of the times that you have been to the dentist. When they see that you go and that you are okay, they will feel better.

We also recommend getting them excited for their appointment by talking about how great it feels to know that you are brushing correctly, as well as what it feels like to have teeth that have been cleaned by the special equipment at a dental office.

Leave Your Own Problems Out of the Equation

If you have dental anxiety, it may be hard to subject your children to the dentist. But consider the alternative — sore and crooked teeth, cavities, gum disease, and the list goes on. No matter how you feel about going to the dentist, it is a good idea to stay positive and help your children be excited about the idea of keeping their smile healthy.

That being said, if you know that you should see the dentist but your fear or anxiety has prevented you from doing so, you should talk to us. We offer sedation dentistry services that can be extremely helpful for people with low to high levels of anxiety about dental work. Taking care of your own smile can set a good example for your kids.

Do you have more questions about our dental clinic? Check out the rest of our website, including our other blog entries, for a vast amount of information about many of the treatments that we offer for kids and adults. We are always here to discuss a particular dental treatment, so give us a call to learn more or to schedule an appointment for you or your child. We look forward to hearing from you!