1. Don’t Believe These Myths About Dentures

    Did you know that historians have discovered evidence of dentures dating all the way back to 2500 BC? Although they likely paled in comparison to today’s modern dentures, they nonetheless provided a suitable replacement for an individual's natural teeth. While this little tidbit is based in fact, there are many myths that surround these prosthetic devices, some of which may prevent patients from…Read More

  2. What Is General Dentistry?

    When you are searching for an affordable, local dentist, it is easy to feel overwhelmed as you begin your search for quality care. Understanding your dental care needs can go a long way in finding a dental clinic that is right for you. If you don’t require a complex procedure or oral surgery, then a general dentist will likely be able to provide the care you need, as they specialize in a wide va…Read More

  3. Incorporating Technology into Dental Care

    Did you know that archaeologists have discovered dental fillings in the teeth of individuals who lived around 8000 BC? While we don’t know what materials were used to make the fillings or how comfortable the patient was during the procedure, we can confidently say that modern dentistry has come a long way since then. Technologically advanced dental care is the cornerstone for optimal patient car…Read More

  4. Do You Know the Risk Factors for Gum Disease?

    More than 3 million Americans are diagnosed with gum disease each year, making it an incredibly common oral health condition. Patients are usually in their 30s and 40s when they are diagnosed, and men seem to be more likely to develop the disease than women. Many patients are unaware that they are at risk for gum disease until their gums become red, swollen, and prone to bleeding. Regular checkups…Read More

  5. What to Expect With a Root Canal

    Upon hearing their dentist recommend a root canal treatment, many patients experience anxiety about the upcoming procedure. In fact, some will be so anxious that they never get the root canal done, unnecessarily extending their own discomfort. At Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, we believe that understanding the details of dental procedures can help make patients feel more at ease before and …Read More

  6. Why Are Tooth Extractions Performed?

    Some people are lucky enough to go their whole lives without needing a single tooth pulled, while other patients may need multiple extractions throughout the course of their lifetime. There are many reasons why a patient may need a tooth pulled, and whether you are in need of emergency dental extraction or a tooth needs to be removed for another reason, the team at Mesquite Dental & Implant Ce…Read More

  7. Dental Cleaning FAQs

    Did you know that as many as 40 million people put off their regular dental appointments each year because of fear or anxiety? At Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, we believe that the right information is the best weapon against dental anxiety. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you might have about your proposed treatment plan so you know what to expect. Contact us at 972-…Read More

  8. Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

    Sedation dentistry has grown to be quite popular in the last couple of decades, and with good reason. People who once had an aversion to the dentist were provided with a solution to make dental visits less worrisome, allowing them to get the treatment and care they need to obtain the beautiful, bright smiles they deserve. At Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, we proudly offer sedation dentistry…Read More

  9. Exploring Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

    If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile because of an improper bite, missing or crooked teeth, or another dental condition, you might have wondered what solutions are available to help resolve your concerns. Depending on your concerns, cosmetic dentistry may be an option that delivers the smile you have envisioned. At Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, Dr. George specializes in hel…Read More

  10. Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Is It Painful?

    There are plenty of horror stories out there when it comes to wisdom teeth removal. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from asking the dentist about having the procedure done. Keep reading as we review wisdom teeth and whether or not having them removed is painful. About Wisdom Teeth Believe it or not, there’s a pretty interesting history with wisdom teeth. Also known as third molars, these t…Read More