1. The Best Dental Implants: From Start to Finish

    Did you know that we offer some of the very best dental implants in Mesquite TX? It's true. Our very own Dr. George is trained and certified to carry out your dental implant procedure from beginning to end. Get dental implants to help improve your speech and make it clearer, or help you improve your chewing. Whether you need just one dental implant or multiple, Dr. George will help you get the smi…Read More

  2. Mesquite Dental Care for Dallas Suburbs

    Our dental care in Mesquite TX is well-known as the best available. Of course, we don't limit our patients to living in just one area. In fact, we regularly see patients from a variety of Dallas suburbs. We serve the following suburbs here at Mesquite Dental: Balch Springs Forney Sunnyvale Lawson Rowlett Kleberg Tanglewood Surrounding Communities So, if you'd like to join the Mesquite Dental famil…Read More

  3. Emergency Dental Care

    As your dentist in Mesquite TX, we know that you can’t possibly predict when a dental emergency is going to strike. That is why we offer a 24 hour answering service where you can call us any time of the day to schedule an emergency dental visit. Of course, if a dental emergency occurs during regular business hours we’ll assist you with them as well. So no matter the time, pick up the phone an…Read More

  4. Schedule Your Next Appointment Today!

    Make an appointment with your favorite Mesquite TX Dentist today! Since most people only visit a dentist twice a year, it can be easy to forget about making your next appointment. Making an appointment in advance guarantees that you'll get the date and time that works best for you, plus you'll get a reminder straight from us so you don't have to worry about forgetting. Fill out our online appointm…Read More

  5. Children’s Dentistry Specialist

    We know we are your favorite Mesquite TX dental care provider, but did you know that we also specialize in children's dentistry? In fact, we offer same day emergency dental care for children should a permanent tooth be accidentally knocked out.  This service is vitally important because it is possible for a child's permanent tooth to be reattached (if you take quick action). If your child loses a…Read More

  6. The Importance of Preventative Dental Care

    Your teeth are incredibly important. Not only do they allow you to chew your food and talk properly, but they're the first thing thing people notice when you smile. Since your teeth are so vital to your everyday life, having a qualified and experienced dentist to take care of them is a must. Have you found a dentist you can trust to perform preventative dental care in Mesquite TX? If not, give us …Read More

  7. Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr. George

    Did you know that Dr. George graduated aesthetic dentistry with honors? That's right! Which means when you're in need of some Mesquite cosmetic dentistry, Dr. George should be your first stop. All of the cosmetic procedures that Dr. George performs are affordable and offer outstanding results. Contact us today at 972-285-8020 to set up a consultation!…Read More

  8. Natural Dental Implants

    Have you been excusing the idea of dental implants because you're afraid of the implants looking different than your real teeth? Stop dismissing the idea, because modern dental implants in Mesquite TX look and feel completely natural now! Whether you need one tooth replaced, come in for a consultation with Dr. George. He is both trained and certified to perform surgical and restorative dental impl…Read More

  9. Our Dental Care is Different….

    You might be wondering what makes our Mesquite TX dental care different from the other dental offices in the area. Sure, all dental offices have dentists, dental assistants, paper work, and the various tools of the trade...but what makes our office stand out is the exceptional people who keep it running every day. Our staff consists of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. From the moment you w…Read More

  10. Fun Facts & Trivia

    As the best dentist in Mesquite TX, we've taken it upon ourselves to start a  "Did You Know..." series. We're going to post little tidbits, facts, and trivia about the dental industry that you probably didn't know before (they'll be fun, we promise!). Here is our first installment: Did You Know... That the people of ancient China cared for their teeth by making tooth brushes out of the neck hair …Read More