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  1. Home Remedies Worth Trying for Gingivitis

    Believe it or not, 80 percent of Americans have some form of gum disease and are completely unaware. Gum disease, in its early stage, is typically painless and has no symptoms. However, as gum disease progresses, gums become red, swollen, and may bleed. Keep reading to learn more about this condition and what you can do at home to reverse the symptoms. What is Gum Disease? Also known as periodonta…Read More

  2. Researchers Find Potential Link with Gum Disease, Estrogen Therapy in Women

    According to new research from the University of Buffalo, treatment for osteoporosis may also help prevent gum disease.  The study showed that women over the age of 50 treated with estrogen for osteoporosis are 44 percent less likely to have severe periodontitis as opposed to women who didn’t receive the treatment. Those involved in the study found that women receiving osteoporosis treatment …Read More

  3. Are Dental Implants Painful?

    Are you considering dental implants to replace damaged or missing teeth? When your goal is to have a full, beautiful smile or to add implants for more secure dentures, dental implants are the answer. A dental implant is a false tooth that is attached to an anchor that connects into the jawbone so it can act as a natural tooth. This sounds quite painful, and it’s a common fear of patients who req…Read More

  4. Should I Go To The Dentist While I’m Pregnant?

    Like most things in pregnancy, what the mother does affects her baby. The same is true for oral health care. A trip to the dentist isn’t to make sure mom alone is doing well but to verify the baby is protected as well. Unfortunately, there is a notion that dental care is bad for pregnant women, but this is inherently false. As a whole, when the mother experiences bad oral hygiene, pathogenic bac…Read More

  5. Dental Care: Preventing Tooth Decay Part 2

    In our last post we outlined the importance of adhering to basic dental care to prevent tooth decay. Once you have mastered the basics of proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing, you can move on to focusing on the many other factors that can lead to tooth decay. Remember, at our dental clinic in Mesquite, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the greatest dental health possible. Whether you are f…Read More

  6. Dental Care: Preventing Tooth Decay Part 1

    Here at your local dental clinic in Mesquite, we see a lot of clients who are facing painful cavities and tooth decay that could have been prevented through proper dental care. Although you might know a few of the basics of dental care, it never hurts to refresh your memory. Proper dental care goes beyond just the basics too. We have included some of our very best tips on preventing tooth decay. W…Read More

  7. Dental Care for a Toddler

    Recently, we discussed the importance of dental health care during pregnancy, but what about those of us who already have a small one running under foot. How do you best take care of your children’s teeth? We frequently have parents come to us wondering exactly how they should provide care for their young one’s teeth throughout the years. Just because your toddler has baby teeth he or she will…Read More

  8. The Importance of Dental Care During Pregnancy

    Here at Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, we are proud to provide quality dental services to our local community. One of our greatest joys is providing dental care for families. We rejoice with our clients who find themselves expecting an addition to their family and we want to help you understand how to best take care of your dental health during a pregnancy. The importance of dental care dur…Read More

  9. Three Fun Facts To Share About Teeth

    Going to the dentist can be a hardship on the entire family, especially if you have young kids. It can be scary for kids to go to the dental clinic. Mesquite Dental, a dental clinic in Mesquite, TX, wants to share these three fun facts about teeth that will impress your kids and maybe even you. Fun Fact One: Saliva Your mouth produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in one lifetime. To give you a good ide…Read More

  10. What Smoking Does To Your Gums

    By now, we know a majority of the diseases and problems that smoking causes, but what exactly does smoking due to your mouth, specifically, when it comes to gum disease? Mesquite Dental, a dental clinic in Mesquite, TX, wants to share with you some of the issues that smoking can cause with your gums. Mesquite Dental is a family dental clinic that specializes in your complete dental care and strive…Read More