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  1. What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth

    You feel discomfort in your jaw, and the teeth in the very back are coming in through the gums. You begin to feel more pain the longer you try to ignore it. Your wisdom teeth can come in anywhere between your teens to your mid-twenties. At Mesquite Dental, a family dental care clinic located in Mesquite, TX, we ensure to completely take care of your dental needs. Here is some information you need …Read More

  2. Tips On How You Can Preserve Your Teeth

    As we get older, taking care of our dental hygiene becomes increasingly important. It’s important to take preventative measures to mitigate some of the years of wear and tear our bodies endure. Preventing various dental ailments and diseases now is the best way to guarantee a happy, healthy dental health future. As a local dental clinic in Mesquite, we want to make sure you have the information …Read More

  3. Protect Your Teeth During Summer Sports

    Summer is quickly approaching with the temperatures already on the rise. As expected, more and more students are signing up for summer sports and beginning to practice. Here at your local dental clinic in Mesquite, we see quite a few mouth injuries each summer. Common Summer Sports Injuries Seen At Our Dental Clinic Today, we’ll talk about the most common injuries we see and two things that can …Read More

  4. Pregnant? Take This Advice From Your Local Dental Clinic

    Becoming pregnant comes with quite a few responsibilities, and your oral hygiene is one of them. In addition to your brushing and flossing routine, you’ll also want to talk to your local Mesquite dental clinic about rinsing every night with an over-the-counter mouth rinse. Talk To Your Mesquite Dental Clinic About Your Pregnancy For the majority of women, they will be able to continue their rout…Read More

  5. The Importance Of Flossing Your Pearly Whites

    You can almost guarantee that every time you visit your Mesquite dental clinic that you’ll hear the question, “Have you been flossing regularly?” Unfortunately, for a lot of patients, the answer is no. While many patients make a point to try and brush their teeth twice daily, many fail to see the importance of flossing. Advice From Your Dental Clinic: Why Flossing Is Important There’s incr…Read More

  6. What’s The Diff? Comparing Toothbrushes

    Brushing and flossing teeth seems pretty simple, right? Well, with so many different types of toothbrushes, toothpastes, and flosses available for purchase, the decisions can become more difficult than necessary. That’s why you can count on our dental clinic in Mesquite to show you the way. We’re starting with comparing traditional toothbrushes to electric toothbrushes, but stay tuned for our …Read More

  7. We’re Proud to be a Dental Clinic for Children and Adults

    Mesquite is a family town; there’s no doubt about it. Our adults work to make this place better for the children, and the children always work to keep us adults young at heart. We don’t want to separate this wonderful relationship when it comes to oral healthcare which is why we offer service for adults and children at our dental clinic, Mesquite Dental. As a general dental clinic, we do regul…Read More

  8. Reasons We May Use Our New PaX-i3D For Patients

    Have you ever visited our dental clinic and needed X-rays? We have to admit that it wasn’t always the easiest process. The good news is that we have upgraded our technology and now have a Vatech PaX-i3D imaging device that gives Dr. George an in-depth, 3D X-ray of our patients’ mouths. Today’s blog is focusing on a few of the many PaX-i3D components and how we use these components to improve…Read More

  9. Dental Implants Available At Your Local Dental Clinic In Mesquite

    The beauty of dental technology is upon us! Dental implants are a simple way to resolve a missing tooth problem that make it seem like the tooth never went missing. At our local dental clinic in Mesquite, patients can receive a dental implant for a variety of reasons, including replacing a missing tooth or two, clarifying speech, improving chewing, enhancing aesthetics, relieving joint pain or bit…Read More

  10. Happy Thanksgiving From Your Local Dental Clinic In Mesquite

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. It’s a time to come together and celebrate the loved ones in our lives while affording us the opportunity to share our gratitude. We are thankful for each and every one of our patients. Without you, we wouldn’t have our wonderful dental clinic in Mesquite. Moreover, we are very thankful for Dr. George and the entire team here at Mesquite Dental. In hon…Read More