1. Five Myths About Root Canal Treatment

    The saying goes, “It’s about as fun as a root canal.” This procedure tends to get a bad rap for being extremely painful and uncomfortable. But that’s not necessarily the case. A root canal is performed to save an internally infected tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Many patients don’t realize that beneath the hard, outer shell of enamel and a soft layer of dentin lies a can…Read More

  2. Get to Know the Importance of Good Oral Health

    Americans today are keeping their natural teeth longer than any previous generation. A lot of that stems from folks realizing the importance of good oral health. No longer do patients only come to the dentist when they have a major toothache. New research suggests that the health of your mouth mirrors that of the rest of your body. For example, poor oral health has been linked to serious condition…Read More

  3. Top Back-to-School Dental Tips

    The kids are officially back in school, which means you’re probably getting them squared away with the necessary supplies and clothing. But have you thought about their oral health at all? Chances are that evenings will soon be packed with after-school activities and homework, so your child may completely forget about brushing and flossing. In this blog post, our dentist in Mesquite provides som…Read More

  4. Dental Care: Foods To Avoid

    Prevention is key when it comes to good oral care. That’s why there are some foods that nearly every dentist recommends you shy away from if you’re trying to have a healthy and beautiful smile. According to both the American Dental Association and Prevention, you should avoid these foods if you want to take care of your teeth. And we bet you don’t want to damage those pearly whites anymore! …Read More

  5. Brushing Teeth With Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil pulling has circled into popular culture recently, but it’s anything but a new practice. Based in Ayurvedic medicinal roots, oil pulling is one of the oldest oral health healing methods. Coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to promote healthy gums, teeth, and remove bacteria, according to Dr. Axe. How To Practice Coconut Oil Pulling The best time to use coconut oil for your or…Read More

  6. Why Are My Teeth Sensitive To Cold?

    “I’m not going back to the dentist until my teeth fall out.” “You won’t catch me back in the dentist’s chair unless I have a toothache.” “Why would I put myself through another painful checkup?” These are just a few of the things we’ve heard over the years when people with sensitive teeth talk about not visiting a dentist in Mesquite. Despite knowing the advantages of dental cl…Read More

  7. Do You Know How To Eat For The Health Of Your Teeth?

    Your teeth play an important role, both in your physical appearance and your ability to eat the foods you love. You most likely know how to take good care of your teeth through proper brushing and flossing. You also have probably heard about the foods you should steer clear of to avoid staining, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and red meats. Do you, however, know what foods will help improve your t…Read More

  8. Overcoming Dental Anxiety

    Oftentimes we tend to think of fears belonging to children, fear of the dark, fear of monsters under the bed, and other seemingly unfounded worries. However, realistically, we all have certain things that trigger our anxiety, even as adults. Unfortunately, going to the dentist can be one of the triggers that adults suffer from. Although we understand that going to the dentist might not be high on …Read More

  9. When Teeth Are Sensitive to Cold: The Causes

    Teeth sensitivity is a common problem faced by many. You will likely first notice your teeth have become sensitive when you take a swig of ice cold water or sip a cup of hot coffee. The extreme temperatures will cause you pain, radiating from your teeth. When your teeth become sensitive, it can make it difficult to enjoy normal meals and beverages. Learn more from your local dentist in Mesquite ab…Read More

  10. Why Go To The Dentist?

    Why should you go to the dentist? This question has probably been asked many times before in your home and perhaps even in your mind. What is the point of going to the dentist? Besides avoiding getting cavities, having an astronomical bill, and having to lose out on work hours, why do we need to go to the dentist? Learn why it’s important to go to the dentist. Removing Stains and Discoloration D…Read More