1. Breaking The Tooth Grinding Cycle

    Tooth grinding (or bruxism) is an incredibly common problem that affects people across the world. Tooth grinding tends to occur at night while you are unaware of what you are doing. Waking up with jaw pain, tooth pain, or headaches is the first sign of tooth grinding. When you are unaware of what tooth grinding can cause, ask your dentist in Sunnyvale, TX at Mesquite Dental for more information. B…Read More

  2. Bad Habits & Tooth Health

    Daily habits that are not related to our food and drink choices, can have hugely detrimental effects on our teeth. While our food and drink choices have a lot to do with the overall health of our teeth and mouth, some bad habits that we have picked up over the years may be worse. To avoid injuring or damaging our very important chompers, there are quite a few habits that we should minimize or avoi…Read More

  3. The Sugar Paradox

    Sugar wreaks havoc on the health of the mouth and the well-being of teeth. While sugar may taste fantastic, excess sugar can lead to dental caries. Also, sugar is incredibly addictive so the more we eat, the more we crave! Consuming sugar releases the same chemicals as other pleasurable activities. This is why kicking the sugar habit is so difficult. While you may not see sugar as a threat to your…Read More

  4. Grinding Your Teeth? You’re Not Alone!

    Grinding your teeth in your sleep is a very common dental concern. Many people that grind their teeth at night do not even realize that they are damaging their teeth as the sleep. Anyone that wakes up with jaw pain, tooth pain, or TMJ might be grinding their teeth while they slumber. This sleep-time grinding can damage dental work, chip teeth, cause teeth to become crooked, and/or grind down chewi…Read More

  5. Halitosis Ruining Date Night?

    There are very few (if any) people that can say they have not suffered from halitosis at one point or another. Halitosis, or bad breath, can affect anyone at any age. Aside from the smell, halitosis is incredibly off-putting, and can mean that oral health is not up to par. Halitosis can truly ruin a date night because no one wants to be near a person with incredibly bad breath. Individuals that su…Read More

  6. Oral Safety During Summer Athletics

    The summer months bring children a reprieve from the daily responsibilities of school. Instead, children get to play outside all day for a few months out of the year. For children and young adults that participate in summer athletics or other activities, it is important that they protect their mouths from harm. It is not abnormal to be hit in the face with a ball, fall down during athletics, or ta…Read More