1. The Best And Worst Foods For Your Dentures

    Taking care of your dentures in Mesquite is easier than ever with the help and support from our team here at Mesquite Dental. We’ve recently been covering tips for how to best care for your dentures. Today, we’re back with some more advice concerning the best and worst foods to eat when wearing dentures. The Do’s & Don’ts When It Comes To Your Dentures & Food Worst Food: Peanut But…Read More

  2. 2 More Mistakes To Avoid With Your Dentures

    In our last blog, we began talking about some of the big mistakes that patients often make with their dentures and how to avoid them. If you’ve been considering getting dentures in Mesquite, you’ve came to the right place. Mesquite Dental offers full and partial dentures as well as same day denture repair. Today, we’re back to take a closer look at some more common mistakes people make with …Read More

  3. Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Dentures

    As you age or experience accidents throughout your lifetime, you’ll inevitably lose some teeth. After losing enough of your natural teeth, you may start considering getting dentures. Here at Mesquite Dental, a trusted source for dentures in Mesquite, we want to help keep your mouth (and dentures) healthy. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some simple mistakes to avoid when caring for…Read More

  4. Electric Toothbrushes & Dentures: Is It Allowed?

    Our job, as your local dentist in Mesquite, is to ensure you have all of the right knowledge and tools to properly care for your dentures. Did you know that you can still use an electric toothbrush to care for your dentures? It’s true! Users can use either a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush to achieve the same results. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using an electric toot…Read More

  5. Potential Dentures Patients Benefit From The PaX-i3D

    Dentures can transform the life of someone that is currently living without any teeth or with just a few teeth. Dentures are false teeth that can act as natural teeth, giving the wearer the ability to eat and to speak properly. Also, did you know that a missing tooth that is not replaced can cause other teeth to fall out in the upcoming years? One missing tooth can be fixed with an implant, but it…Read More

  6. Dr. George Offers Same Day Repair For Dentures In Mesquite

    Dentures are an amazing dental feat. Today’s technology allows us to create false teeth that look and function like traditional chompers. So, in the same way that we treat our patients with natural teeth, Dr. George offers same day treatment for damaged dentures at Mesquite Dental. The quickest way to accomplish same day repair for dentures is to call Mesquite Dental and give us some details abo…Read More

  7. Products That Help Care For Dentures

    Dentures are the way of the future in oral health care. People are living longer lives each generation which means teeth are continually pushing past barriers to stay alive even longer. However, many mouths just aren’t capable of keeping healthy teeth for 100 years. Thankfully the invention of dentures has allowed humans the capability of living a successful, healthy life following the loss of n…Read More

  8. Proper Care Techniques For Your Dentures

    Dentures are a great technological advancement for dentistry as well as the general public. In a time of life when our people are living much longer than recent years, it’s important that we provide a viable solution to premature tooth loss or injury. Dentures are the answer. There are permanent or removable options for both full and partial dentures. Permanent dentures are implanted into your m…Read More

  9. Dentures Help With Daily Tasks – Talking, Eating, Smiling

    We often take for granted the ability to speak and eat with ease. This tends to come naturally to all humans because we have a tongue and teeth which we use to manipulate sounds that become language and to chomp down our food for easy digestion. The challenge appears when teeth are lost. Try and say the letter “S” and notice the placement of your tongue. Simple. Now, cover your upper teeth wit…Read More

  10. What The Future Of Dentures Looks Like

    Dentures are a reality for many people in Mesquite. For many, dentures are still thought of as the clunky, unnatural looking teeth with fake gums sitting in a cold cup of water on Grandpa’s nightstand. This doesn’t have to be the case any longer. As with many things in our society, dentures have seen quite the technological advancement. No longer are the days of one-size-fits-all. Long gone ar…Read More