1. What Happens When Permanent Teeth Are Lost

    It is a normal part of life to lose baby teeth. These teeth are not meant to be permanent so their loss is not devastating. Once permanent teeth grow in, they are suppose to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many adults lose one or more of their permanent teeth due to injury, illness, or oral disease. The loss of permanent teeth can be devastating and unsightly, so it is…Read More

  2. Success with Partial Dentures

    Not every person that is in need of dentures in Mesquite, TX is missing all of their teeth. The majority of people are only missing a few teeth here and there. Since it is best to keep natural teeth in as long as possible, pulling teeth to fit full dentures is never an option. Partial dentures are an incredibly successful option for individuals that are looking to replace missing teeth to improve …Read More

  3. Habits To Kick When Wearing Dentures

    Individuals that have lived a significant portion of their lives wearing dentures have inevitably learned what things they can and cannot do. New denture wearers may have a much more difficult time learning what they can and cannot eat. Certain bad habits will not only ruin the color of the dentures, bad habits can cause irreversible damage to the structure of the dentures. Mesquite Dental can hel…Read More

  4. When You Should Choose Implants Over Dentures

    There are many different options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Individuals can choose from dental implants, dentures, or bridges to replace their missing teeth and restore their smiles. While each option is great, they all come with their own pros and cons. Each individual person should speak with their dentist to determine the best course of action. Asking the right questions will hel…Read More

  5. Learn How To Clean Your Dentures

    Owning dentures comes with a huge learning curve. It takes work and time before wearing dentures feels natural. All dental professionals will warn their patients about this learning curve when it comes to wearing their dentures in Mesquite. Unfortunately, some dental professionals will forget to mention that caring for dentures also comes with a learning curve. Unlike natural teeth, dentures come …Read More

  6. Emergency Denture Repairs

    Anyone that has ever owned dentures understands the stress the comes with breaking them. Most people do not have a second pair that fits well and allows for normal speaking and eating. Not having a backup is one of the main reasons as to why people worry about breaking their dentures in Mesquite. Thankfully Mesquite Dental understands how vital dentures in Mesquite are to their wearers, so we offe…Read More

  7. The Real Cost of Dentures

    Dentures are not the end solution to different diseases and disorders of the mouth. Dentures are also not a quick fix for people that do not like how their teeth look. Aside from costing money, dentures can have other adverse effects on the body that individuals may not actually think about. While dentures may cost far less than other options, it is not the option that every American should choose…Read More

  8. How Often are Dentures Replaced?

    Contrary to popular belief, dentures do not last forever. Dentures are not like real teeth and they do not have the roots of normal teeth. As such, dentures will need to be replaced periodically to ensure proper fit. For individuals that are wondering when their dentures in Mesquite should be replaced, it depends on a few different factors. The easiest way to determine if it is time to replace you…Read More

  9. Before Choosing Dentures

    Individuals that are choosing to receive dentures in Mesquite should understand all of their options before finalizing their choice.In the past it use to be well known that dentures were a removable alternative for missing teeth. In recent years, dentures have undergone a transformation that have allowed for more comfortable wear. Dentures have also become more natural looking which is a huge help…Read More

  10. Foods To Eat After Dentures

    Individuals that have never worn dentures in Mesquite may find that they will not be able to eat their favorite foods after they start wearing dentures. The truth is that many foods become more difficult to eat with dentures. This is most apparent at the beginning when individuals are not very comfortable with using their new dentures. Maintaining the same diet as before may be slightly more diffi…Read More