Your smile is one of the most notable features of your face. However, unsightly stains on your teeth can dim an otherwise stunning grin. Many of our patients visit our cosmetic dentist in Mesquite for teeth whitening to brighten and revitalize their pearly whites. If you are considering professional teeth whitening you might wonder what lies ahead. Read on for some tips on taking care of your teeth after you have your teeth whitened at our office, including what to eat after teeth whitening.

Start With An Assessment

Before you schedule professional teeth whitening, you will meet with a dentist to determine if your mouth is healthy enough for the process. Teeth whitening is a noninvasive procedure that can be performed in office or with an at home kit. During your checkup, we will also discuss with you what your teeth whitening goals are and we will recommend the best system for your needs. Professional teeth whitening is extremely effective at removing unattractive stains on your teeth. Common stains include coffee, tobacco, wine, and the buildup of light staining over time that results in dull or discolored teeth.

Care For Your Teeth Post Treatment

After your dentist determines your teeth are healthy enough for the whitening to take place, you can schedule an appointment for the procedure. The actual process of whitening your teeth will be simple and noninvasive. The good news is that our professional whitening services produce noticeably dramatic results.

Once you have had your teeth whitened, you want to keep them this way. The first couple of days after the procedure are critical in ensuring your newly whitened teeth are not stained. Post whitening, your teeth are particularly porous and will absorb stains easily. The following are some items you should avoid and items that are safe to consume.

Foods And Drinks To Avoid:

  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Fruit juice
  • Soda
  • Soy sauce
  • Red meats
  • Red sauces
  • Chocolate
  • Cigarettes
  • Artificially colored drinks or foods
  • Any food or drink that would stain a white shirt

Foods And Drinks To Consume:

  • Water, including sparkling
  • White yogurt
  • Skim milk
  • Chicken or turkey
  • White fish
  • Egg whites
  • White breads or pastas
  • Bananas
  • White potatoes
  • White rice
  • Cauliflower
  • Any food or drink that is free from color

The diet post teeth whitening is often referred to as the white diet. It is best to stick to the white diet for the 48 hours following your teeth whitening procedure. The best rule of thumb is to eat and drink only items that could be considered white or colorless. If it would stain a white shirt, don’t eat it.

If you are interested in professional whitening services, contact our team. We will be happy to discuss this noninvasive procedure with you, and determine if you are the right candidate for whitening. Gain back your once dazzling smile through professional whitening with our cosmetic dentist in Mesquite.