Good oral hygiene can help prevent a number of serious health problems. One of the more significant ones is high blood pressure. Keep reading to learn more about the correlation between oral health and blood pressure levels.

The real culprit here is plaque. When you fail to brush and floss your teeth regularly, plaque begins to develop. It can build up around the teeth or under the gum line. In either case, it’s not a good thing. Along with increased plaque buildup comes high blood pressure. Let’s dive into this a bit deeper. The bacteria that cause periodontal disease can release toxins into or travel through the bloodstream and help to form fatty plaques in the arteries. These deposits can lead to serious health problems such as blood clots.

Something else to keep in mind is that these bacteria cause the liver to make high levels of certain proteins, which inflame the blood vessels. Eventually, such inflammation could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Oral Effects of High Blood Pressure

Chances are that if you have high blood pressure, you take some sort of medication. It’s important to know that some drugs used to treat the condition cause dry mouth or an altered sense of taste. Note that gum overgrowth is a possible side effect of some medications that treat high blood pressure. For some, their gums become so large that they have difficulty chewing and are forced to have surgery to remove part of the overgrown tissue.

High blood pressure can even impact your dental visits. Your dentist should check your blood pressure at each visit and then decide if it’s ok to continue with treatment. This will depend on how high your blood pressure is, how well it’s controlled, and whether you have other medical conditions. Most patients with high blood pressure can safely take anti-anxiety drugs such as nitrous oxide or Valium for standard procedures. Just remember to alert your dentist as to which medications you’re currently taking for high blood pressure. Since good oral health is imperative for those with the condition, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to visit more often for professional cleanings.

How Our Dental Clinic Can Help

At Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, we offer a wide range of dental care services. Our dentists and hygienists make it a point to consistently remind patients of the importance of oral hygiene. If you have high blood pressure and never see the dentist, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Maybe you’re afraid of what a dentist will say. It could be that you’re worried about the cost. Rest assured that your experience with Mesquite will be a pleasant one.

Your first visit will consist of you meeting with us to discuss medical and dental histories to properly evaluate your oral health. From there, we will take new digital x-rays. We even offer convenient financing options to make dental care more affordable.

Don’t let high blood pressure get the best of your oral health. It’s time to team with our experienced dental care clinic. From family dental care to emergency dental care, we will help you get your oral health back on track.

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