It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is just three weeks away. Your to-do list can’t get any longer in the meantime. From getting the house ready to wrapping up last minute shopping, you can’t find a second to relax. This is also the time of year where most of us fall victim to our sweet tooth. Still, it’s important to choose foods that are healthy this holiday season. The last thing you want is to snack on treats that do nothing more than wreak havoc on your teeth. With that in mind, here are our three foods to avoid during the holidays:

  1. Popcorn – There are plenty of holiday celebrations on the agenda this month. You have events at your child’s school, gatherings with friends, and functions at work, just to name a few. Thinking that everyone is going to bring something sweet, you think it’s a good idea to bring popcorn. It’s no secret that popcorn is a crowd favorite. You can sprinkle different flavors on them or even add a little bit of cheese. Unfortunately, popcorn isn’t the best choice for your teeth. It doesn’t take much for the kernels to get stuck in between your teeth and on the gum line, especially if you don’t floss regularly. As a result, bacteria builds up that eventually causes cavities. Make an extra effort to floss should you have popcorn this holiday season.
  2. Eggnog – Maybe it’s just us, but eggnog and an ugly Christmas sweater go hand in hand. That said, eggnog isn’t the best choice for your oral health. For one thing, it’s packed with sugar and fat. Eggnog also tends to stay on your teeth for an extended period of time soon after you drink it. Be aware that sugar that stays on your teeth can cause tooth decay. Our best piece of advice is to avoid these sweet treats and beverages altogether. But if you must sip some eggnog this season, rinse out your mouth with water after.
  3. Candy canes – Isn’t it crazy how many places have candy canes? They’re at local drugstores, grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. The list goes on and on. Not surprisingly, though, candy canes are laced with 100 percent sugar. As with eggnog, the sugar in candy canes can form bacteria buildup in a hurry. That’s why it’s best to steer clear of candy canes as much as possible.

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At Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, we hope that you and your loved ones enjoy a happy holiday season. We understand that for most folks, this time of year involves a great deal of snacking on foods that aren’t exactly the best for your teeth. Maybe you buy a quart of eggnog every year to enjoy with your family on Christmas morning. It could be that you wind up with a tin of popcorn from a coworker or friend every holiday season. If either is the case, just be sure to remember that moderation is key.

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