Daily habits that are not related to our food and drink choices, can have hugely detrimental effects on our teeth. While our food and drink choices have a lot to do with the overall health of our teeth and mouth, some bad habits that we have picked up over the years may be worse. To avoid injuring or damaging our very important chompers, there are quite a few habits that we should minimize or avoid altogether. These are the habits that your dentist in Sunnyvale, TX at Mesquite Dental will talk to you about at length.

Do not start believing that your habits are not detrimental to your health. Here are some of the most common habits that cause damage and injury to teeth:

  • Teeth grinding/clenching: Clenching and grinding can wear down the surface of teeth, cause fractures, and weaken teeth.

  • Biting your nails: Chronic nail biters often suffer from misalignment of teeth. Tooth fractures and chipping is also a common side-effect of nail biting. Also, there is a lot of bacteria on and under your nails, which is just unsanitary.

  • Using teeth as scissors or a tool: Teeth should be used for chewing, not to open a package or to open a screw top. Fractures, chipping, and other damage to teeth is highly likely when you are using them like a Swiss army knife.

  • Ice chewing: Ice is wonderful on a hot summer day but crunching down on it is bad for your teeth. Chewing ice can cause fractures to the teeth, and the cold can damage the nerves.

  • Thumb sucking: Thumb sucking is very normal for some children but it can affect the formation and structure of the teeth and jaw. This habit usually causes teeth to grow in malaligned so it is best to break your child of this habit early on.

To learn more about why these bad habits can harm your overall health, contact your dentist in Sunnyvale, TX at Mesquite Dental. We look forward to helping your better understand your oral health.