Grinding your teeth in your sleep is a very common dental concern. Many people that grind their teeth at night do not even realize that they are damaging their teeth as the sleep. Anyone that wakes up with jaw pain, tooth pain, or TMJ might be grinding their teeth while they slumber. This sleep-time grinding can damage dental work, chip teeth, cause teeth to become crooked, and/or grind down chewing surfaces. Do not worry, teeth grinding is incredibly common and your dentist in Sunnyvale, TX can help decrease the likelihood of further damage.

Individuals that suffer from excess stress are often affected by teeth grinding more often than other individuals. Other times anxiety is the culprit of teeth grinding. Your dentist in Sunnyvale, TX at Mesquite Dental will help you manage teeth grinding with a custom night-guard. These guards will protect your teeth from the constant, grinding pressure that is exerted during sleep. These mouth guards are custom molded and incredibly comfortable.

Since stress and anxiety can be the main culprits of teeth grinding it might be a good idea to work on anti-stress techniques. Many people find that baths, reading, massages, or other forms of stress-relief have a positive impact on their nighttime teeth grinding. If you find yourself grinding your teeth at night, be aware of jaw clenching during the day. Training your body to relax might have a positive effect on your nighttime grinding habit.

To inquire about the dangers of teeth grinding, a dentist in Sunnyvale, TX at Mesquite Dental is available. We can take a mold of your teeth to manufacture a mouth guard or help you better understand other teeth grinding management techniques.