The summer months bring children a reprieve from the daily responsibilities of school. Instead, children get to play outside all day for a few months out of the year. For children and young adults that participate in summer athletics or other activities, it is important that they protect their mouths from harm. It is not abnormal to be hit in the face with a ball, fall down during athletics, or take an errant elbow to the mouth. Individuals that spend time participating in non-contact activities may not suffer from oral injury, they may instead suffer from other oral problems. Parents should bring their active child into their dentist in Sunnyvale, Texas to discuss proper oral safety.

A dentist in Sunnyvale, Texas at Mesquite Dental can help parents and active children understand the importance of oral safety. First it is necessary to understand the types of athletic activities in which a child will be participating. Many contact sports come with a chance of oral inquiry that can negatively affect teeth. For these activities it might be a smart idea to have a custom made mouth guard to protect teeth. While there is still danger of injury a mouth guard will help keep teeth from being fractured or knocked out. Children that spend an excess amount of time in a chlorinated pool can suffer from staining of their teeth. This is due to chemicals and can be reversed by whitening treatments at your dentist in Sunnyvale, Texas at Mesquite Dental.

It is important that children and parents understand the risk of dental injuries that are associated with summer athletic activities. To learn more, or to discuss a treatment plan, contact Mesquite Dental today!