Sugar wreaks havoc on the health of the mouth and the well-being of teeth. While sugar may taste fantastic, excess sugar can lead to dental caries. Also, sugar is incredibly addictive so the more we eat, the more we crave! Consuming sugar releases the same chemicals as other pleasurable activities. This is why kicking the sugar habit is so difficult. While you may not see sugar as a threat to your health, your dentist in Sunnyvale, TX at Mesquite Dental can help you understand how excess sugar consumption is bad for mouth health.

Did you know that sugar is a form of fermentable carbohydrate? Once sugars have been introduced into the mouth the bacteria begins to feed. The bacteria of the mouth causes sugar to break down and ferment. This process changes the pH of the mouth to something that is much more acidic than normal. Acids within the mouth soften the enamel of teeth which makes the teeth more susceptible to dental caries. A constant influx of dietary sugar will keep the pH of the mouth well outside normal parameters. When this is the case, the enamel of the teeth is in a constant state of demineralization. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to cut sugar out of your diet altogether since it is a ingredient in a lot of food and it is highly addictive.

To check the health and state of your pearly whites, contact your dentist in Sunnyvale, TX at Mesquite Dental. We can help you learn how to offset the negative effects that sugar can have on your teeth. We will also help you combat the caries that may have developed due to your sugar intake. Give us a call, we have available appointments.