Tooth extractions and dentures do not commonly find themselves in the same sentence. For if you need dentures, you likely already have teeth missing and wouldn’t need to get one pulled just to have dentures, right? This is true in many cases; however, there are some circumstances in which a tooth extraction may be the right move in order to help make life with dentures easier than ever.

The greater purpose for wearing dentures is to restore care to your mouth. When our natural teeth fail, it’s no longer acceptable (either for your health or in society) to walk around without teeth or with teeth that are rotting and slowly falling out. Not only can unhealthy teeth cause further health problems throughout the body, but they can be easily fixed and replaced with dentures. Dentures restore that beautiful smile you once knew and loved, and sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary to help the dentures fit correctly.

Understanding How Dentures Work As A Whole

Did you know that every missing tooth that’s not replaced increases your risk for losing more teeth in the next few years? When your natural teeth begin to fall out, dentures act as a good replacement to keep the other natural teeth healthy for as long as possible.

At Mesquite Dental & Implant Center, Dr. George specializes in full and partial dentures.

Full dentures, either fixed or removable, replace all missing teeth on the upper and/or lower arch. Full dentures that are permanently fixed and secured to dental implants act just like natural teeth and never come out of the mouth. Removable dentures act just as one would expect: they can be taken out of the mouth at any point.

Partial dentures fills in spaces left by missing teeth in order to prevent natural teeth from moving out of position. Many partial dentures can be fixed to existing teeth with clasps; however, one may need a dental implant instead to act as a strong foundation for the dentures.

Each person who needs dentures brings a unique case and is treated as such. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all dentures, which is why it’s recommended to meet with a dentist to learn more about getting dentures in Mesquite.

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An Extraction May Be Necessary For Best Results

A person who needs full or partial dentures may need an extraction to make it work best. For example, a person who has naturally lost most of his or her teeth may need an extraction to remove the few remaining teeth in order to wear full dentures. This is especially relevant when all teeth on one side of the mouth are missing and there are no teeth that can act as anchors to keep the dentures in place.

Similarly, a person may need a tooth extraction when the natural tooth is not strong enough to act as an anchor for partial dentures. In this case, the dentist may remove the natural tooth and replace it with an implant that will securely hold the dentures in place without the risk of harming the natural tooth in the process.

Altogether, a trip to the dentist to learn more about whether an extraction is necessary for your denture plan is the best practice. Our team is happy to help answer any and all of your questions.