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Laser Dentistry

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What is LANAP Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy for gum disease, known as LANAP, has been used successfully in dental practices all over the world. This revolutionary treatment effectively eliminates infected and diseased tissue within the gingival pockets that have formed as a result of gum disease. This allows the gum tissue to heal on its own, reducing the size of these pockets so that progression of the disease is eradicated. LANAP therapy requires no incisions, sutures and is considered to be less painful than conventional surgery.

Why is LANAP Laser Therapy needed?

LANAP laser therapy is ideal for patients who have mild to moderate gum disease. In some cases, traditional surgery may be needed for patients with severe cases of gum disease or for those who are already experiencing advanced bone and tooth loss. However, LANAP is effective in that it removes infected tissue and improves overall oral health. By keeping up with proper oral hygiene, you can prevent the disease from returning and enjoy a fuller, healthier smile.

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As a new patient, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and service provided by Dr George and the staff. It was the best experience I’ve ever had for a dental visit. I highly recommend them for all of your dental needs!

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What makes you a good candidate for LANAP Laser Therapy?

LANAP laser therapy uses no scalpels and requires no incisions or sutures. Recovery time is minimal and the results are astounding when compared to other methods. Most people with gum disease can and will benefit from this revolutionary treatment. Treatment can be done in one or more appointments conveniently in our office.

What happens during the LANAP Laser Therapy treatment?

Local anesthetic is required to ensure you’re comfortable for the procedure. A laser is then used inside of the gingival pockets to effectively remove diseased and infected gum tissue. The roots of the teeth are then smoothed to prevent bacteria adhesion while the gums heal. Over the course of several weeks, your gums will heal on their own and come into close proximity to the teeth. This reduces the size of these gingival pockets, either reducing or completely eliminating gum disease. It is important to keep up with routine oral hygiene maintenance to prevent the disease from returning.


If you are interested in LANAP laser therapy for your gum disease, call our office today and we will work to answer any of your questions.

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