Composite Resin Dental Fillings

Dr. George understands that his patients want natural-looking and long-lasting dental work. He avoids metal amalgam fillings that contain mercury, a hazardous heavy metal. The FDA states that amalgam fillings may be harmful, particularly in young children, pregnant women, and people who have mercury sensitivity.

Composite resin fillings contain no metal, no mercury, and they are completely safe. Furthermore, as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. George’s believes that all dental work should look natural, and composite fillings do. These dental fillings are tinted to blend with the color of surrounding tooth structure. Therefore, if you have a composite resin filling, it will be virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your tooth.

If you’d like your metal dental work replaced with a modern, cosmetic alternative, talk with Dr. George about removing your amalgam fillings. He can replace them with tooth-colored composite resins or porcelain inlays, onlays, or crowns.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

A dental crown restores a tooth’s original shape and function when a filling won’t quite do the job. Common causes for a crown include a large filling that has worn out over time, a deep fracture or cavity, or a tooth that has undergone a root canal. Crowns are also attached to bridgework to secure replacement teeth.

Crowns may be porcelain or zirconia, depending upon the location of the damaged tooth. For front teeth, a porcelain crown looks natural and beautiful. Back teeth need a more durable restoration, so zirconia is preferred. Do you have metal dental work that you would like to have replaced with more modern filling materials? As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. George can give you back your all-white smile. To replace metal dental work, porcelain or zirconia crowns offer the perfect solution. Call us today to learn more!