A lot of times when we’re joking about the difficulty or discomfort of a situation we say the semi-cliché phrase, “That was about as fun as a root canal.” The truly funny thing about that phrase is that a root canal is much more fun that the alternative. When you have rot, infections, inflammations, and a tooth that desperately needs a root canal, filling, or extraction, there is little that you wouldn’t do to have the source of the pain removed.


Now, of course there are means to prevent needing any of these procedures—bruthing after every meal (or at least twice daily), a minimal of weekly flossing, and regular hygiene appointments are highly valuable. But of course, once a cavity or rot has set in, no amount of after-the-fact brushing is going to help your mouth feel better. Leave the dentistry to a dentist in Mesquite. Better yet, come to see us at Mesquite dentistry.


We of Mesquite Dentistry are cosmetic dentists in Mesquite, but we are ideal for emergency response. For toothaches of all variety, we are prepared. And when your mouth feels like it is literally trying to stage a coup and kill you, there is a group that is prepared to vanquish the source of pain and leave you feeling right as rain. Why live with pain in your mouth? That sounds absolutely miserable. Instead, why not come see us at Mesquite Dental. We can help you to feel right again. Call to schedule an appointment, emergency or not, today.