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Is IV Sedation Safer than General Anesthesia?

Patients that require an extensive dental procedure may require IV sedation or general anesthesia. Many patients wonder if one method is safer than the other. Both methods are effective, and can keep patients relaxed and comfortable during their dental surgery.

At Mesquite Dental we are a family-owned practice, and provide the highest level of care to all of our patients. We want our patients to always feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit our office. Dr. George has 20 years of experience in dentistry, and is dedicated to quality dental care patients can trust. Mesquite Dental continues to be the preferred dentist in Mesquite, TX, providing personalized care using the latest technology.

Mesquite Dental offers a few different options for patients that suffer from dental anxiety, or those that may have had a negative experience in the past with a dental procedure. Out team will create a customized treatment plan and discuss all of the options available for sleep dentistry.

Knowing the differences between IV sedation and general anesthesia can help a patient feel comfortable and prepared before their surgery. If you are looking for a dentist near you that offers sleep dentistry, Mesquite Dental can help.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is an anesthetic drug that is injected into your veins. IV Sedation is the preferred method of sleep dentistry because IV sedation has many benefits. This method gives our doctor control to produce either deep or moderate sedation depending on the patient’s needs.

Benefits of IV Sedation

• Patient remains relaxed and calm, so our doctor can perform the procedure easily.
• Patient is usually awake during IV sedation and can respond to verbal or physical cues.
• IV sedation is a simpler way to keep patients relaxed compared to general anesthesia.
• No endotracheal tube is required.
• IV sedation causes partial memory loss, and patients will not remember their procedure.
• Recovery is fast and patients can return to their normal routine quickly.
• IV sedation is a safer option compared to general anesthesia.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia used in a dental office is the same method used at a hospital for surgery. If a patient is put under general anesthesia, they are unconscious. IV sedatives and gases are used to help put the patient to sleep before their procedure begins. An endotracheal tube is used to assist in respiration, and the patient’s heart rate and other vital functions must be monitored throughout the procedure. General anesthesia must be done by a skilled anesthesiologist, and is more involved compared to IV sedation.

General anesthesia involves many risks, and patients must follow certain pre-operative instructions to ensure the procedure runs smoothly. Typically, the recovery time for general anesthesia is longer compared to IV sedation, and it will take a patient longer to feel back to normal.

What Option Is Right for Me?

At Mesquite Dental we complete a detailed exam and review your health history before your procedure. Our team will discuss all of our sedation options, so the patient knows what to expect. Our preferred method is IV sedation due to the many benefits this method offers. IV sedation is effective, and helps patients that have dental anxiety complete their procedure easily. IV sedation is a safer option, and works well with each patient. Recovery is easier and patients can return to their normal routine relatively quickly after their procedure.

Mesquite dental is a full-service practice, and we provide personalized care in a gentle and welcoming environment. Your oral health is our priority, and our staff is highly trained to ensure your visit to our office is pleasant. We offer financing options for treatment, and use the latest technology and equipment in our facility.

Looking for a Sedation Dentist in Mesquite, TX?

If you are looking for IV sedation in Mesquite, we can help. Mesquite dental provides quality and affordable dental care you can trust. Our office is located near Kwik Kar of Mesquite, making us a great choice for families living in the area.

To find out more about IV sedation dentistry, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Mesquite Dental, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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