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What are the Remedies for a Toothache and Sinus pain?

Toothaches come in varying degrees of severity. Sometimes, when the pain is caused by a minor dental caries, only affect the tooth itself and is relieved with anti-inflammatory medication. But when the cause is deep infection within the tooth or gum abscess, the pain can radiate, even into the sinuses.

Treating both sinus and toothache pain starts with understanding where the pain originates.

Diagnosing Sinus Tooth Pain

Pain that originates in the mouth usually only affects one tooth. While some patients do experience pain on the opposite side of the mouth, it’s usually contained. However, if you develop a sinus toothache, the discomfort usually spreads to other teeth as well, specifically, the molars.


Symptoms of sinus toothache pain can include:

  • Pressure in the midface, forehead and bridge of nose
  • Ear pain
  • Increased mucous production

Treating Tooth and Sinus Pain

If your toothache is caused by your sinuses, there are ways to treat at home. In addition to staying well hydrated, you need to clear the sinus passages. Steaming your sinuses can alleviate the pain and pressure in the front of the face and forehead. Saline rinses can also be effective in keeping the passages clear and reducing painful tooth and sinus pressure.


If your sinus pain is referred, meaning it’s coming from your tooth, you need to get to the root of the problem. Infected teeth, particularly ones needing a root canal can cause significant sinus pain and pressure. You might also feel throbbing in both the affected tooth and sinuses.

When to See Your Dentist

If tooth and sinus pain continue, progressively worsen or are accompanied by a fever, you should seek medical attention. Your family physician dentist will work together to make an accurate diagnosis. If the pain from your sinuses or tooth infection, a course of antibiotics is the best course of treatment. Afterwards, appropriate dental treatment can address the dental issue that’s been causing the sinus headaches.
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